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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Seeing is Believing!

Until the invention of Nano Ceramic Coating Technology the world of car coating was limited to the conventional methods of waxing and Teflon coatings. These inferior coating and glossing materials not only wore off within not time but also never gave the car surfaces any real protection. Frequent touch ups, re-polishing, regular waxing became cost-prohibitive methods of maintaining a car in mint condition. 

Now Liquid Crystal Permanent Nano Ceramic Technology is here to stay! 
A coating that never wears off and also gives the car surface multiple protection.
One of the many primary gains that the car surface protected with Nano Ceramic Car Paint protection will show is Scratch Resistance. Here is a short clipping that will demonstrate the strength of the anti-scratch coating:-

Off-roading is a legitimate passion that many share. Given a chance the intrepid souls get behind their wheels and drive off. What bears the complete brunt of driving through rugged terrains and mucky roads is the exterior of their vehicle. As an after math of such an outing the SUV or any vehicle that has been the faithful friend all through out needs to be washed and cleaned thoroughly. That is quite a task in itself. Which also in turn means money, time, labour and a whole lot of water goes into the car wash. Post which, the vehicle just may have also lost its luster in the wake!

Nano Technology has presented us with an unbelievable 'solution' to this problem, quite literally! The liquid based Nano Ceramic Paint Protection Coating is to be applied with pads and buffed. And voila! Within minutes, the car's exterior is turned into a self-cleaning surface. Give the surface a curing time of 48 hours and see dust, dirt, grime and even mud just roll off the surface. Nothing clings. No layers of muck to work on!

Here is a short clipping  of a 50/50 Comparison - MUD TEST that will demonstrate the unbelievable Self-cleaning properties gained after the coating :-

The Monsons are here and its raining cats and dogs. In the yester-years one had to immediately rush to check the condition of the wipers on the car. With the advent of Nano Ceramic Glass Shield, those worries can also be put away for good. The application of the transparent glass shield is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just spray it on and buff it with a cotton cloth. And lo & behold! The glass surfaces become hydrophobic like never before. The rain repellent windscreens give complete clarity and enhanced visibility even in the rains. the usage of wipers is considerably reduced.  Water just runs off!

Here is a short clipping  of a 50/50 Comparison - WATER TEST that will demonstrate the rain repellent qualities gained by the windshield. The Nano Ceramic Paint Protection also makes the car surface Super Hydrophobic which is seen in the clipping too :-

For car lovers, its going to make a world of a difference! Nano Ceramic Car Protection  is an extremely easy-to-apply topcoat that gives the surface protection from the weather and from the harmful environmental aspects like UV rays, etc. And yet the coating does not change the vehicle surface characteristics like colour and texture, at all.

More full length videos to follow in the subsequent posts because seeing is believing!

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