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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

What is the story behind 'OhSoGood' ?

We humans are inherently story tellers. Our memories of the various phases of our life are attached to certain smells, sounds and sights. A brand, you may not believe, is as human as each of us are. It has a name, its own identity and individuality. It also tells it's tale. 

One of the primary tool of telling your brand story is the brand name. It all begins from there! And then the brand identity is built, block by block with it's logo/symbol, it's colours, its tag line and so on. 

We, Neha Bhandari and I- Vibhuti Bhandarkar are stepping into a new phase of life with a refurbished avatar of our brand- 'OhSoGood'. We as women entrepreneurs have always endeavoured to give only the best of what we can offer to our fellow Indians. And here we are presenting brand new technologically advanced products in CAR COATING that will beat all conventional methods known till date, hands down!

Here is the story behind HOW our 'OhSoGood' logo/symbol arrived....... 

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